Bride 'n' Groove | Italy's Irish Wedding Band
Bride 'n' Groove | Italy's Irish Wedding Band

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You supply the Bride, we'll supply the Groove - Italian Weddings have never sounded so Good!

We are the perfect band for foreign couples or half Italian couples getting married in Italy

Bride 'n' Groove | Italy's Irish Wedding Band -
are a 4/5 piece eclectic and electric wedding band, unique on the Italian Wedding scene.

Why choose us to rock your wedding guests ?
We fill dancefloors and we cover all your musical needs on the day. We'll help you create a unique and memorable atmosphere for you and your guests. Entertainment is the most important part of the day at an Irish wedding and bands need to be able to play all genres, our versatility includes our instrumentation : Saxophone, Piano, Guitar, Live Drums, Ukulele, Mandolin and Accordian for an Italian flavour. With a native Irish frontman and a setlist that will leave even your granny shaken and stirred, we cover genres from 70's Funk Disco to 90's Britpop, Beatles, to 80's New Wave and artists including Bruno Mars, The Jam, Van Morrison, ACDC to ABBA to ZZTop we do it all, we are confident you will not find a band or service anything like ours in Italy.

Our Services :

  1. Up to 5 piece band, standard 4 piece band, to Rock you and your guests "all night long".
  2. DJ till Late
  3. Aperitivo Duo or Trio including a traditional Accordian player playing Italian, French and Irish tunes.
  4. Classical Pianist for Ceremony
  5. If you prefer you can BYODJ and connect your Spotify to our sound system wirelessly.

We take a limited number of bookings per season to provide our couples with the best personalized entertainment experience which includes learning your 1st dance song, we use state of the art sound & lighting equipment and instrumentation.

Contact us early to book the best Italian Wedding band on the market.

For Your Peace of Mind : Our band members are all fully vaxxed against COVID19.

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